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Terms of Participation



Participants who sign up to take part in any and all studies conducted by Resolution Research & Marketing, Inc. agree to the following terms:

  • Participants shall provide truthful information when completing screeners, surveys, interviews, focus groups, or any other research activity. If it becomes apparent at any point within a study that false information was provided by a participant, that participant forfeits any and all study compensation. Resolution Research & Marketing, Inc. and its research partners reserve the right to determine the validity of any information provided by participants.
  • Participants must treat all researchers and other research participants with respect and refrain from using any vulgar or inflammatory language during research sessions.
  • Participants of in-person studies must not arrive under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Resolution Research & Marketing, Inc. and its research partners reserve the right to determine the sobriety of research participants.

Any research participants who do not adhere to the terms listed above may be dismissed from the study without compensation.

Participant Compensation


Nearly all studies conducted by Resolution Research & Marketing Inc. offer some form of compensation for research participants. Compensation is only offered to participants who successfully complete participation. Respondents who are disqualified, cancel, or otherwise, fail to complete participation forfeit any compensation.

  • Compensation is typically sent within 24-48hrs of participant completion.
  • Standard study compensation is emailed to participants via Tremendous.com. – Please visit their site for additional details.
    • Note: Participants may need to check junk/spam inboxes.
  • Other forms of payment may include: mailed check, mailed cash card, and PayPal (*these forms of payment must be pre-approved by Resolution Research & Marketing Inc.).
  • Participants must collect/redeem study compensation within 90 days of distribution.


Note: Participants who receive a total of $600 or more in study compensation from Resolution Research & Marketing Inc. within a calendar year will be required to provide a completed W-9 tax form.

Qualifications and Quotas


Many studies require participants to meet certain criteria in order to participate and provide feedback. Also, many studies include limits or quotas on the number of participants who may participate. Studies and surveys are typically conducted on a first-come-first-served basis for qualified participants.